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Erickson Piano Works in Auburn, Massachusetts, is proud of its piano services and is always pleased to answer any questions you may have. If you do not see your question here, please contact me.

What Is Tuning? 

Tuning a piano is the art of adjusting the tension of the approximately 230 strings in the piano so each note is in proper relationship with every other note—sort of like tuning a guitar. Pianos are designed to be tuned to A-440, or concert pitch

What Is a Pitch Raise & Tune or Double Tuning?

A pitch raise and tune is basically tuning the piano twice. The first tuning is a preliminary rough tuning that sets the piano's pitch close to A-440 (like priming) followed immediately by a secondary fine-tuning to A-440. Pianos that have not been tuned for several years or that have undergone temperature and extreme humidity changes will likely need a pitch raise and tune.

What is a Dampp-Chaser Climate Control System?

A Dampp-Chaser Climate Control System is a combination humidifier and dehumidifier installed in the piano. It will automatically and silently maintain the humidity in your piano at approximately 42% year-round.

Just as doors and drawers become tight with high humidity, the keys and many moving wooden parts of your piano may stick or become sluggish. When the humidity is low, the keys and wooden parts may seem to rattle when played.

A Dampp-Chaser system can prevent damage and maintain tuning stability in your piano. The Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver Climate Control System protects your instrument and its 9,000+ parts from the ravages of fluctuating humidity levels.

Dampp-Chaser Systems are well recognized in the piano industry for their effectiveness in stabilizing humidity within a piano, thereby improving performance quality and extending the useful life of the piano. These systems operate for just pennies a day and carry a 5-year guarantee.

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