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Keep your piano playing perfectly for years with piano services from Erickson Piano Works in Auburn, Massachusetts.

My name is Ron Erickson, and I offer a realistic and no-nonsense approach to piano service that allows me to tailor my services to meet your individual needs. I deliver the unique services that your instrument needs.

Over the years, I have performed more than 25,000 piano tunings and have worked hard to become well connected in the piano industry. To learn more about my reputation, please visit my testimonials page to hear what some of my past customers have to say. If you would like to learn more about the piano services I offer, please visit my frequently asked questions page.

Some of My Service Specialties Include:

• Precision Piano Tuning & Repair
• Piano Appraisals
• Piano Buying & Selling
• Warranty Repairs
• Dealer Service
• Referrals for Piano Movers,
– Teachers, & Dealers
• Prompt & Personalized Service

Serving Massachusetts, Northern Rhode Island and Northern Connecticut. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions 508-721-0075

Piano Services

A piano will bring enjoyment to you and others, but it requires periodic servicing
to provide outstanding performance year after year. Customer satisfaction is my goal. I perform all piano services with the highest level of expertise.

Tuning: I provide the highest quality tuning services for in-home private clients,
concert halls, recording studios, music schools, universities, churches, hotels,
non-profit organizations, and contracts for public and private schools.

Pitch Raise & Tune (Double Tuning): I offer personalized service.
Every piano is evaluated on an individual basis. I will only recommend a double
tuning if I deem it is necessary.

Repairs: I will inform the customer if any repair is necessary and the
approximate cost of the repair before the repair is made.

Phone Consultations – No Charge! I will be happy to speak with you
about any questions you may have.

Appraisals/Evaluations: If you are considering buying a used piano, it
should be appraised or evaluated before purchasing to insure the piano is in
good playing and serviceable condition. I can also appraise/evaluate your piano
for insurance purposes.

Action Regulation: I offer a full range of high level action regulation, from
touch up or partial regulation to completely regulating the action back to factory
specifications. I can adjust the touch of the action (within limits) to the musician’s

Piano Action Reconditioning: Each piano action will be accessed to
determine the amount of reconditioning necessary.

Voicing: I can expertly voice the piano to it’s maximum potential and to suit the
particular taste of the discerning pianist.

Dampp-Chaser Installation: I am a Field Expert of Dampp-Chaser
Systems. I install and service the full line of Dampp-Chaser Piano Life-Saver
Humidity Control Systems and products to best protect and maintain the
structural and mechanical integrity of your piano.

Keytop Recovering and Ivory Key Repair: I provide complete keytop
recovering, repair and restoration services.

Piano Rebuilding/Restoration: I offer complete piano restoration
services including piano case refinishing, action rebuilding, piano restringing,
repair or replacement of soundboards, bridges and pinblocks.

PianoDisc Instillation: I am certified for the installation, calibration and
servicing of PianoDisc Player Systems. I also service, repair and troubleshoot
Yamaha Disklavier and QRS Pianomation Player Systems.

Prices: Please call for current prices.

Contact Ron Erickson

Phone: (508) 721-0075 (Preferred contact)

Email: mrpianofixer@verizon.net

Please submit your name, town of piano location, best phone number to be
reached and if possible, information about the piano. Especially, how long it has
been since the piano was last tuned/serviced and if all the keys and pedals work.
Typically I will contact you by phone the day I receive your inquiry. Usually during
the early evening hours or if possible at a time you specify, definitely within 24
hours. I prefer my clients be present for the first part of the appointment.
However, it is not necessary to be there the entire time.
If you need to reschedule your appointment, please try to give at least a 48 hour
notice so I can try to schedule someone else in your place.

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